Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

Before you pack up the car to head home for the holidays, we would like to remind you to make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey. Conducting a thorough vehicle inspection will help you avoid the inconvenience and potential safety hazards of breaking down miles away from home.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the magic of the holidays and neglect your vehicle maintenance. Before leaving home, we recommend a check of the following, often overlooked, items: tires and tire pressure, brakes, hoses and belts, air filters, wipers, exterior and interior lighting, and fluid levels, including engine oil, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

A pre-trip inspection provides the opportunity to have service repairs made at home by your own trusted technician who knows the vehicle, and helps reduce the chance of costly and dangerous trouble on the road. It is always a good idea to choose one auto repair shop and stick with it. Automotive service repair facilities keep records of the repairs they have preformed on your vehicle in the past; this ensures you do not have the same work performed twice. Stop in today and let us make sure you are road ready!

Service Reminders

service-reminderSign-up today for service interval reminders such as: oil & filter, brakes, tires, and more... These parts are designed to wear & need to be replaced before any major damage occurs. We can help.